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Sphere Reset

Sphere Reset is an energetic technique made up of several tools combined with each other that are based on Qi Gong, Acupuncture, BioQuantum Pair, Systemic Work, Electromagnetism and Kinesiology.

Sphere takes its name from the global vision of being, from all possible levels of action. Reset is the cleaning of all the contamination that we have been accumulating in all the layers of our spheres.

Esfera con 10 círculos

The Spherical System has several equivalences depending on what scale they are observed and from what point of view.

Everything is connected to each other, like a set of fractals. This explains that what happens to us repeatedly has an endless number of factors involved and connected. Sphere Reset is not a therapy, nor a treatment, it is a technique that is based on the decontamination of all the roots or problems origins that we suffer in all areas of our lives. As long as this contamination is not cleaned from all spheres, momentary relief is felt and the actions are not maintained over time. Sphere Reset progressively proposes a comprehensive cleaning, removing all these springs so that they do not return us to the starting box over and over again.

The Being has 10 main spheres where each of them contains another ten on its level that reflect the whole within themselves. The Global Spherical Structure consists of 111 spheres divided into 13 groups where we see all the problems reflected in different layers and different contamination formats. This structure maintains both the natural balance and what we have been accumulating since the beginning of our existence.

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