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Group or individual calls

Spheres Workshops

The workshops have group or individual calls, in person and online. A previous interview will be done to be able to access each course that gives rise to the technique activation, give access to the videos and the graphic material corresponding to the level that you study. The workshop is fully guided and assisted by the teacher, which means cleaning the student’s contamination layers at each level and with it the possibility of activating each level and learning each phase of the reset work. After taking the course, you have the possibility to connect through a chat where you can ask all your questions and share your experiences with the teacher and classmates.

Learning is very simple, although the technique acts in a profound way, the operation is very easy, effortless and does not require study or prior knowledge. Just practice.

The technique is applied to oneself or to others, in person or remotely with the same result. The work consists of cleaning the 111 spheres Global Structure from the 10 Being spheres: physical, energetic, mental, systemic, electromagnetic, quantic, karmic, oniric, spiritual and being.


The teaching consists of 3 levels, it starts in order from the first level and as the practices are done and unlocking what is required you can access the next one. The duration of each course is 16 hours and the prices are according to the courses:

  • Level I (Spheres 1-2-3):

    600 Euros

  • Level II (Spheres 4-5-6-7):
    800 euros
  • Level III (Spheres 8-9-10-11):
    800 euros


All levels are connected to each other, as are all the spheres. The complete technique consists of 770 Reset sequences and 1336 Spherical Resets that add up as the practice progresses and cleanse at each level from the corresponding sphere to all the others.

  • LEVEL I:
    80 Reset Sequences
    460 Reset Sequences
    230 Reset Sequences + 5947 Spherical Resets

Sphere Reset evolution phases.

Although these steps occur at all levels, there are four main stages in the practice that everyone will take at their own rhythm:

  1. Detox
  2. Spirit Reconnection
  3. Power Recovery
  4. Magic
Being Spheres

The Being Spheres are 10 and are the structural base on which all Sphere Reset work is based.

The 111 Spheres

The Spherical Structure is made up of the 13 Groups of Spheres and when joined together they form the 3 Spheres of Wisdom.

Spheres Groups

All the Spheres that make up the different 13 groups are connected to each other in one way or another.

3 circles
Start your Reset

Learn this technique in a simple and guided way.

TRIAL OFFER: Learn the technique for only €60 and if you like it, we will discount it from the first course.

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