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The confusing thing is to look for a single cause of pain

The proposal is to make a global integral approach

About Me

After more than twenty years of study and practice in the natural technics universe and chi kung, I have realized that the people ailments multiple causes and aggravators are not treated with the same intensity or attention.

There are very good techniques in certain aspects and very partial approaches in some cases. Although there are clear triggers, the confusing thing is to look for a single cause of pain.

In my opinion, several tools and a common management of them are needed to work in each case.

The proposal is to make a global, integral approach, to work towards the essence of the origins of all ailments, not only when applying technics, but also when learning them.

In the field of teaching I have also found many shortcomings that we will try to cover, such as systematization combined with creativity, accompaniment during the practice after attending the course, through a clear theoretical support, technological and personal support where the student does not feel unsupported after receiving the teaching.

Iosu Martín Boix – Personal Career

(1997-2019) National Instructor 2nd Dan Black belt: Hun Yuan Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Ba Zhi Chuan Kung Fu and Meditation.

(2000-2002) Shiatsu: Specialization Course, Professional Course and So Tai Ho at Ren Tao School

(2005-2010) Acupuncture: Nei Jing School.

(2011-2012) Postgraduate Specialization in TCM: Ling Tai Center Madrid.

(2012) Postgraduate in Deepening the study of Channels and Collateral System: Long Hu School Madrid.

(2012) Postgraduate in Auriculopuncture: Long Hu School Madrid.

(2012) Postgraduate in Clinical Histories: Long Hu Madrid School.

(2012) Postgraduate in the Art of the Needle: School Long Hu Madrid.

(2013-2014) Postgraduate in Pulsology: Ling Tai Center Madrid.

(2014-2015) Postgraduate in Internal Alchemy in TCM: Ling Tai Madrid Center.

(2015) Postgraduate in Pulsology: Long Hu School.

(2016) Energetic Empowerment: Modules I, II and III.

(2018) Applied Bioquantum Energetics (Bioquantum Pair): Modules I and II.

(2018) Sphere Reset

Want to learn Sphere Reset?
Being Spheres

The Being Spheres are 10 and are the structural base on which all Sphere Reset work is based.

The 111 Spheres

The Spherical Structure is made up of the 13 Groups of Spheres and when joined together they form the 3 Spheres of Wisdom.

Spheres Groups

All the Spheres that make up the different 13 groups are connected to each other in one way or another.

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