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Recovering Power

Before diving into this work, we need to be clear about the healthy concept of “power”, clean the word of the constructs, ideas and uses that have been made in its name to subjugate others and not as a form of growth or self-knowledge.

Therefore, as with money, power has throughout history only been in the hands of a few, used in erroneous ways through tactics and strategies that have distorted it. It has been placed in very dangerous, unfortunate places, associated with a corrupt environment. With this concept reviled and relegated to the use of a few who after touching it have been corrupted by it, by its misuse. It has been transmitted to us that power is dangerous, that it is inaccessible, that it is used against others, etc.

First we need to make clear the sphere of power in which we are going to operate and lay the foundations for what we want our ability to create to become. Power is that, a capacity, something empty that in itself has no danger but in the wrong hands or under the wrong idea of use we have already seen that it can become something potentially harmful. In Carlos Castaneda’s books, the sorcerers or men of knowledge warned him about the four steps to overcome on the path of the warrior: fear, clarity, power and old age. In this preparation for this step before us, first we are going to see power as a word and thus take advantage of the connections it contains to use them in our favor, we stalk the word power:

Power designates the ability or power to do something. The word comes from the Latin “potēre”, and this in turn from “posse”, which means ‘to be capable’. As such, it can function as a noun or a verb.

Space, emptiness, recovered capacity is the framework where we are going to activate the new Reset sequences. Power will arise from the reinforcement of what has been cleansed. Renew the body tissue by tissue, organs, glands. Energetically reconnect each part and each function of internal and external movement. Empower the mind and spirit, prepare to completely free ourselves from the prison from which we come, re-emerge from the expansion of our spirit, awaken the power that results from that expansion in all its connections.

This phase is characterized by the recovery of the powers that as a species we have always had dormant, latent or inactive. After completing the Detoxification of the beginning and the Reconnection of the Spirit, through these new activations and the new conditions created for it, we will now be able to recover what was prevented by nature. Just below all the layers and toxins that we have cleaned is found in each being the base contamination that began the repetition system and the wheel of blockages that has been transmitted from the beginning life after life. It is almost always a basic systemic conflict that our spirit has been attached to from the beginning and that through the system of karma we have impregnated in every body we have inhabited. At this level it will be the first thing we are going to reset and through this the doors will be open for our powers to return without any difficulty.

This power is both a result of progression in practice and the ability to remember and reconnect with each being’s own essential abilities. This depends on the lost nature of the spirit, that is, on those intrinsic faculties associated with each one on their planet of origin and that now, through the Transmission of Information from the Spirit, it is possible to reactivate them. With this, we are going to transmit the power to reset with more force, less effort and greater speed. This represents a great advance in our resets, both in ourselves and in others, greatly reducing the work and recovery time to which we are accustomed. We are going to live even more clearly than until now the possibility of beginning to relate to life in a totally new way for human beings. The potential to take the reins of our lives, to be aware of our existence and give meaning to the dream of life. It is time to get out of the confusion in which we have been immersed forever, now is the moment in which we are owners of our body, our spirit and the immense energy that arises from the fusion between the two. A dream come true, the reality of being able to realize our dreams and the possibility of helping many to make the same journey. The journey begins now.

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