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Sphere IX corresponds to the Magic-32 in the Nothing that completes the tandem with the Spirit in the Being, who, as we call him the Dreamer in relation to the dream sphere, in this synergy we can call him the Magician.

We can also name this sphere of Magic as the sphere of Creativity that is closely related to Magic and the Spirit. Magic is considered as everything that happens and no logical explanation can be found. This is because so many factors intervene at the same time that it is practically impossible to name so many variables that could have occurred in that “magical” moment. Most of the time they are attributed to chance, but due to the multiple causes that intervene in their realization, we are going to call it “causation”. It is not about trying to put the inexplicable into words, but rather about seeing what the phases and requirements are like so that we can enter this Magic consciously and effectively.

In this phase of learning and practicing Sphere Reset we handle 770 healing sequences, activations, protections, spells, etc. with which we are able to influence a set of innumerable factors each time we reset. We have been doing this invisible intervention with which we obtain inexplicable results since the first 13 sequences of the first level, which explains without explanation that we have been doing magic since we began this journey with Sphere Reset. We have already seen that the phases of Detoxification (opening spherical space), Reconnection with Spirit (alignment), Recovery of Power (discovering our potential) and Magic (creating our dream) do not occur in an ordered linear sequence in which we begin in one and ends in the next, are simultaneous, although they become possible to a greater extent with that order as we progress.

We can see this process in how the opening of spherical space is the condition that the spirit needs to relocate throughout the structure of the being so as not to have any external or internal conditioning that prevents it from expressing itself in its entirety. That is where alignment with the spirit arises, allowing us to discover the power that we had hidden or diminished and, in the sum of these favorable conditions, be aware of the dream in which we live and that lives us in a magical way. In other words, accumulated cleaning gives us back the freedom to choose what we want without inertia or resistance; Alignment with the spirit is essential as well as self-recognition of our essence-nature to operate from there; the use that this space and this reconnection puts the power back in our hands to expand and share ourselves from there; All of the above leads us to be the creators, authors of the dream that this life gives us. To the extent that we stop identifying with the partial features of our being and detach the assemblage point of attention from the entrained obstacles, we align ourselves in the global spherical expansion as movement and in the total structure of our

Being as a framework for action, we become aware of our capacity and stop limiting ourselves with the spokes in the wheel that have always held us back, we are capable of recovering authority, the possibility of being authors, actors, directors and witnesses of our dream. Without deconditioning, deconcentration, along with total openness, the use of all our abilities, and the self-recognition of the dream and the dreamer, magic does not occur fully and its impact has a limited effect. From level VIII we have been able to reach sphere 13 and recover the essence of our being, now we have to make the reverse journey and imprint this recovered essence on the spirit-9, so that from love-6 we can expand it in all spheres and recognize ourselves in the mind-3: 13-9-6-3.

If we consider sphere 10 as the empty spatial location existing in and between all spheres, it does not correspond to any of the three terrestrial, energetic and celestial levels in which We categorize the sets of three spheres 1-2-3, 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 since it is in all and none. With which the next group of three spheres corresponds to that of the spheres 11-12-13, hence the correspondence of the essence 13 with the spheres 9-6-3 with which it shares a celestial nature. With what we are left with a structure of the first ten spheres, then a group of three (11-12-13) and the group of ten other universal spheres in which the first thirteen are projected, this is how the 23 spheres are grouped : 10-3-10. The first ten spheres of Being are projected in life-11, in existence-12 and in essence-13 and these in turn simultaneously reflect this projection in both the 10 spheres of Being and in the other 10 universal spheres. This is how the self-recreation formula we talked about works.

We are located in the last phase of Magic within the steps taken in the practice of Sphere Reset. Magic has better results the less resistance or impediments there are in the way of its realization, which is why we find ourselves so contaminated and restricted, not being able to fluidly realize our dream and shine at our maximum potential. This is the reason why implants have been preventing us from having this power of expansion, first to keep us in a reduced version and therefore parasitizable and because this intrinsic expansive form in us kills them with the light that shines from our Being. The sphere of the Being measures 4200 km in radius in each of us and in its perimeter it gives us access to the global structure of the 13 groups that form the 108 spheres.

The objective is to clean the entire global structure to expand in that void without obstacles. Magic will then be able to manifest itself without personal conditions and do its work with better results, therein lies the power of the void, in its maximum conductivity and unlimited expansion. Furthermore, in some of the spheres where total cleansing has been achieved we now have the possibility of accessing the latent powers that were subjugated under all the contamination. These powers are specific to each sphere and are the potential basis on which we should have been born naturally. At the same time, the liberated spherical space leaves us open the necessary expansion to be able to express ourselves in our essence without conditions, which in nature manifests itself as the greatest expansion of Love, the clear path to share our power, to interact freely and feel. the potential of life at its maximum splendor at all levels.

Now is the moment in which we are going to be able to create the favorable conditions that we need so that freedom can be given in a real way, so that the spirit can be recreated in its maximum expression, so that our power can be shared without limits and that magic makes our dreams come true. This is the structure that we have been recovering all this time of practice, it is up to us to take care of it, promote it and celebrate it freely, with respect, responsibility, love and in accordance with the nature that shines in each of us: never stop shining.

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