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Being Spheres
Sphere V Electromagnetic

The fifth sphere is the electromagnetic sphere. In the ten spheres structure, in each of the ten spheres of Being there are ten other spheres reflected within each one and so on. Like a fractals set with the same structure getting smaller and smaller or bigger and bigger depending on the direction in which you look. The body electromagnetic fields are affected by all the waves that surround us, the electronic devices with which we live, the geopathies, with Sphere Reset it is possible to regenerate these body fields and externals also, protect and strengthen them so that they do not influence us negatively in our health. Also this electromagnetism determines how we project ourselves in life, how we vibrate with others, with what happens to us. The idea is to break all blocked or corrupted projections inertia and to access the power of this sphere as an ally and not as an enemy. From now on, the capacity recovered by these cleanings will determine the work with Sphere Reset. Once this work is done and the spirit expansion in the corporeal space first and in the spherical space later, it is time to activate the sequences to prepare us for everything we can do with this free space for the spirit, the mind, the energy and for our body as latent power channelers. The fifth sphere corresponds to Power-28 Sphere in the Nothingness spheres. Before we dive into this work, we need to be clear about the healthy concept of “power”, to cleanse the word of the constructs, ideas and uses that have been made in its name to subjugate others and not as a form of growth or self-knowledge. With which, as the money, during history power has been only in the hands of a few, used in the wrong ways through tactics and strategies that have distorted it. It has been placed in very dangerous, regrettable places, associated with a corrupt environment. This reviled power concept, relegated to the use of a few, has corrupted everyone to whom it has had access. It has been conveyed to us that power is dangerous, that it is inaccessible, that it is used against others, and so on. First we need to be clear about the sphere of power in which we are going to manage ourselves and lay the foundations of what we want our capacity to create to become. Power is just that, a capacity, something empty that in itself has no danger but in the wrong hands or under the wrong idea of use we have already seen that it can become something potentially harmful. In Carlos Castaneda’s books, the witchers, or men of knowledge, warned him about the four steps to overcome on the warrior’s path: fear, clarity, power and old age. In this preparation for this step that we are about to take, we will first look at power as a word and thus take advantage of the connections it contains to use them to our advantage. We can look at the word power:

Sphere reset level 5 electromagnetic sphere

Power designates the capacity or the power to do something. The word comes from the Latin “potēre”, and this in turn from “posse”, meaning ‘to be able’. As such, it can function as a noun or as a verb.

The space, the void, the recovered capacity is the frame where we are going to activate the new sequences of Reset. Power is going to arise from the reinforcement of what has been cleansed. Renew the body tissue by tissue, organs, glands. Energetically reconnect every part and every function of the internal and external movement. To empower the mind and spirit, to prepare us to free ourselves completely from the prison from which we came, to re-emerge from our spirit expansion, to awaken the power that results from that expansion in all its connections. Sphere 5 is dedicated to awakening new resetting and healing abilities, as well as new fields in which to apply them. The spirit expansion developed with the previous practices, gives us the possibilities to access these new activations. We are still in the reconnection phase of the spirit and the new sequences will be loaded with enhancers, reconnections with our body latent faculties, our dream-spiritual body and the relationships that open between our energy and the nature that surrounds it.

We have observed how the spherical system connects us like a network to everything and everyone. This connection has always been used to keep us tied to suffering, pain, problems and foolishness. Now with the cleaner structure we have much greater power and capabilities and with less interference. These new conditions help us to use this network in our favor and for the benefit of everyone we connect to and stay honestly connected with themselves and with life. The harmony living experience and life connection will transform into very clear sensations in our body and spirit, something increasingly familiar although still new in our human existence. I invite you to observe and live it from silence, without mind, open and innocent, like children eager to play, learning and learning, like playing.

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