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Being Spheres

Sphere VII Karma

The seventh sphere, the karmic sphere in the Being, corresponds to the light-30 sphere in the spheres of Nothingness. Before delving fully into it, we must make clear the concepts that we are going to consider during the resets in and from the karmic sphere. The concepts we are going to play with are: light as a transmitting information vehicle; karma as a trap; and the spirit as a light, power and knowledge being.

Sphere reset level 7 light sphere

“There are two kinds of blessings: the first consists of worldly blessings earned by doing good deeds. These have to do with the mind and are therefore confined to time and space. The second consists of the integral blessing that falls on those who realize Great Unity consciousness. This awareness frees you from mind, time, and space bonds to fly freely through the Tao limitless harmony. There are also two kinds of wisdom. The first is worldly wisdom, which is your experiences conceptual understanding. Since it is after the events themselves, it necessarily prevents your direct truth understanding. The second, integral wisdom, implies a direct participation in each moment: the observer and the observed dissolve into each other. Pure awareness light, there are no concepts or mental attitudes to diminish that light. The blessings and wisdom that accrue to those who practice the Integral Path and lead others to it are a billion times greater than all worldly blessings and wisdom combined.”

Hua Hu Ching, 26. Lao Tse

Since ancient times, Light has been a focus of worship, research and universe explanations on which human beings have relied to understand life and its functioning.

From the Sphere Reset perspective, light is the fastest information vehicle. Until now, we have been using the quantum bio-resonance principle as support to transmit all the information that is expanded each time we reset. Bioresonance is based on the simultaneous transmission from one body to another through frequencies from the body biochemistry (1st sphere) are translated into energetic functions (2nd sphere), hence into brain commands that generate internal movement and external projection (3rd sphere), these form a movement system(4th sphere) that is projected in an electromagnetic field (5th sphere) and up to this point is reflected in a quantum frequency that stimulates the inverse decoding process in the other person (frequency – electromagnetic field – movement – brain function – energy function – biochemistry). The next format to collect the quantum resonance witnessing is through the light sphere. The resonance that we have used until now depended physically on the particles vibration, while we include the transmission support in spherical light waves with this 7th sphere.

This phenomenon will allow us to have a stronger impact each time we reset, even if the decoding changes. Light propagates at a 300,000 meters per second speed in a clear conducting medium, such as air, water, or vacuum. In the same way as bioresonance, the light waves will be transmitted through a spherical expansion with the same strength and intensity in all directions at the same time, this is the progress, since before we had to review or repeat the resets more times and now they will be produced with greater force and fluidity. From this level, the Sphere Reset spherical expansions will be light expansions, this is a qualitatively and quantitatively radical change. The light that we are going to use comes from all the light that surrounds us in all its manifestations, whether gamma rays , ultraviolet, infrared, black light, etc. We are going to attract it through the emptiness that is produced every time we expand, through the same drainage that we explained in the sphere of love. The result will be a huge increase in reset power; a homogeneity of this power in everything that is being cleansed or activated in each expansion, that is with the same force in all areas; the more layers accessing possibility within the same session and, thereby, accelerating the detoxification and cleansing process.

Karma is the cause and effect law that prevails in the universe movement and that permeates the light with information. Karma means action and many Asian cultures such as Buddhism or Hinduism include it as the energetic interpretation that all individual acts have their consequence or a boomerang effect. This action and reaction principle was also described in Newton’s third motion law [With every action, an equal and opposite reaction always occurs: this means that the mutual actions of two bodies are always equal and directed in opposite directions.] This universal physical principle is valid as long as it is not expressed through a transcendentality beyond itself, this is where the problem arises. By seeing us trapped in the repetitions wheel created by the implants to stagnate energy and feed on them. These parasites have caused the illusion that we need to experience the calamities that comes up from these loops as a punishment for our bad acts from past lives. Although it is true that this karmic wheel allows us to learn from our mistakes, identification with this process is what generates the famous Stockholm Syndrome instead. Hence, the religious interpretation that has been used to subjugate people speaks of karma in the same way that guilt is transmitted with Judeo-Christianity and Islam. All of this, is an artificial construct that they use to make people live through another half-truth, believing that they are responsible for everything bad that happens to them, but nothing could be further from the truth. The true part, we have already seen that when you hurt others, you do it to yourself and this is reflected in your luminous potential or otherwise it generates opacity, inability to transmit yourself fluently and connect with life with all your being. The conflict system established by the implants means that every time we enter into a dispute, there is the potential to build a toxic bond that connects us with those people involved. But these connections occur repetitively thanks to the devices that these parasites have implanted in our spheres, which is why we practically attract and reproduce the same recurring themes over and over again. In short, the implants have relied on the karma law to form a transcendentality illusion that hooks people to live for or against these loops, and thus give away all their energy to the life kidnappers without being able to get out of this false wheel. The other way we have left is to use this trap to our advantage, since it is not placed there by chance. We have already seen how, under all layers that we have been cleaning ,we end up with the primary wounds. That is, we uncovered base negative karma that collapsed access to positive karmic information, that is, each spirit essence memory has of its own, its primary nature, its intrinsic power. This is why when we remove all accumulated opacity it is possible to access to the light source from which we come, first to that of our spirit and from there through love energy, contact the divinity-34 sphere, the universe spiritual sphere.

The spirit is composed of light beams in which it stores all its original nature information. This light is what turns the spirit into a information vehicle with access to all universal knowledge contained in the light that constantly illuminates us. Spirit has the ability to collect all information of what it illuminates and where it is reflected. The moment we regain connection with spirit, all this particular and universal knowledge is available to us, either to be remembered in dream perception or to be opened to our curiosity. It happens the same with spiritual guides communication, they are light beings, therefore, in this sphere we will be able to communicate with them in a much more fluid and fast way, without interference. In the total healing process that we are experiencing, when this contamination emptying occurs and concludes in total repair/regeneration we will have access to our abilities real power. One of them explains why the oniric world is the spirit way of communication and expression, this is because the dream energy that is needed to dream is light. So, through the light collection that we will do in each reset, we will accumulate the necessary fuel each day to be able to dream consciously, willingly and with all its possibilities.

Light, in short, is pure consciousness, our consciousness would be like a sunlight ray and we could compare consciousness with the sun itself. We are a universal consciousness minor expression scale. We essentially share the same light and have the same root, the link that unites us. In this war against the darkness we are going to support ourselves in everything that supposes a way to increase the reset impact through this light union. Using light as a weapon, resetting collectively, connecting to all suns, stars, constellations and planets. Bathing with light a universe full of darkness, opaque, blessing every corner with light, bringing brightness back to life, so that beauty is expressed to the fullest and we can witness such immense strength.

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