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Being Spheres
Sphere II Emotion

“The unfinished business of all humanity is to learn how emotions work”.

The e-motions are the being energy in movement, they are neither good nor bad, they are just that, energy better or worse used. The lack of a correct expression in each one of us is what makes them stagnate or somatize in the body, generating an infinity of blockages that, if they are not undo, last until the end of life. Thus, emotions are an intermediary energy engine between the material-doing (body-1) and the idea-thought (mind-3), the bridge between the body and the mind, so that without the emotional system we do not have the energy to be able to carry out our tasks.

Sphere reset level 2 energetic sphere

If we join the characteristic of emotions as intermediaries together with the dual vision it generates, we can observe its nature of bridge and concrete-earthly-body level connector with the ideas-abstract-mind world. It is right in this position between both levels where this dual perception arises and at the same time breaks it in its central position when it unites the abstract and the concrete interdependence. Therefore, the One unity, in the Two is duplicated and becomes mathematically divisible, but if we separate the body from the emotions or mentally obviate them we enter into the root of all problems: the Conflict between the parts.

Emotional intoxication also occurs in the body and expresses itself as somatization, blockages, subconscious loops, etc. This sphere cleansings are dedicated to unraveling the stuck emotional codes that produce a lot of weakness in both, the body and the mind, as they reproduce over and over again the same repetitive movement. In addition, we are not only exposed to our repressed or poorly expressed emotions, but we can also somatize the emotional projections of others that can represent a large percentage in the origin of the blocks that we accumulate in life. Sphere Reset traces and cleanses all types of emotional energy that are harmful to us such as Somatized, Hidden, Trauma, Blocked, Transferred, Self-projected or Bypassed emotions to release the layers of other contamination underneath.

Sphere Reset work in the first three spheres is about body-emotion-mind alignment. This is the honesty basis and connection with oneself, which we constantly reflect through our emotions. In them, we can observe the centering and balance level of these three spheres, because as the center receives information from the physical, the psychic and its own level of energy movement. It is crucial to keep each of the 3 basic levels together through this alignment without any of them overlapping or replacing another. Avoid conflict from the base, do not fight against one. The first step to learn in the emotions is to respect its own nature, from there we can evolve by applying this same formula in the rest of the spheres.

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