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Being Spheres
Sphere VIII Oniric

In sphere 8 we finish Sphere Reset final stage work corresponding to Power Recovery. It is the prelude to next and final stage that takes us towards Magic. We enter into a work from Oniric Sphere that encompasses Dreams world, awake and asleep, in all their formats. During practice, a spherical clarity develops that allows us to be more aware of dreams we have, enter them deliberately, control them and even work or cleanse with resets through those dream moments. What has come to light is that, in some way, all contamination that we have removed was restricting the ability to dream and the powers that this faculty contains.

Sphere reset level 8 oniric sphere

If people spend an average of between six and eight hours sleeping, it is considered that throughout our lives we sleep for an average of between 23 to 25 years. Although most people do not remember dreams, of this sleeping quarter century, it is estimated that we spent about 4 years in Morpheus Worlds. These statistics are very general and do not address the possible development within this sphere, that is, they cannot measure each being real capacity to move freely in this field. Physiologically, we find ourselves again with a brain part we have been using from the beginning with Sphere Reset: the third lobe or Limbic System. In this brain area we have the cingulum: a belt-shaped structure. In brain it corresponds to cingulate gyrus, which surrounds corpus callosum and is a limbic system part, and to cingulate bundle, a bundle of fibers that runs in the cingulate gyrus white matter. In this area, all the unfinished brain information accumulates, what we have not resolved, not clear concepts, in other words: windows that we open on the computer and we do not know how to close. All this information is dumped in fornix every moment we close our eyes before sleeping and ordinary dreams arise from this disparate information cocktail that gives rise to those dreams without meaning. At the moment that we are cleaning the whole body, as we have seen in previous spheres, the brain recovers the ability to reconnect with the spirit. From here, a different type of dreams arise, with another clarity degree and more in line with what we could consider as messages.

This spirit communication system is not relegated only to dreaming moment while we sleep, but can occur in many formats that, within our culture, are not explained or attributed to the dream sphere:

Mental lucidity state is due precisely to this daydreaming process, where memory is a good example of this since it is a brain movement that occurs in the limbic system and is normally collapsed by the thought inferences that most that help to remember impede this information flow.

Creativity is also a same dream data processing consequence. Many artists, musicians, inventors, philosophers, etc. they have developed much of their ideas from dreams they have previously had, both vigil and waking. The formula this requires depends on the lucidity and memory capacity mentioned above. From what we can observe, the ability to dream has an evolution that involves being conscious and lucid within that dream vision, to later remember it and rely on it to create what has been transmitted through this spirit messaging system.

-In many cases, dreams can predict or connect us with ordinary reality by anticipating events or simply simultaneously feeling people or situations with which we can connect. This phenomenon occurs in the same way when we sense someone while we are awake or connect telepathically with other people.

The act of connecting with other beings from other dimensions is also an dreaming act or occurs through this conscious dreaming state. The same thing happens when we establish communication with our spiritual guides or through people who give voice to those who are not part of this materiality, as is mediums or clairvoyants case.

We are accustomed to considering dreams world as a solid reality reflection and we isolate within this limit both its understanding and its possibilities, we try to translate dreams into a language that does not correspond to them. There is a physical dictatorship that prevents us from seeing beyond our body and thus our learning does not take us further than the skin borders. As witchers would say: “your assemblage point is fixed.” Within Sphere Reset all 13 spherical dimensions are mirrors and reflections of each other at the same time, they all influence each other, there is no importance hierarchy, but rather a diversity in which the differences and characteristics are established on every dimension representing in each sphere the being in its different facets. The 8th sphere has, like sphere of light-30th in the luminous vehicle, the nature of encompassing all the being information in the dream format. With which this reflection and integral mirror of the being also has its representation in this sphere eight. Within the Dream sphere we have been able to observe two new concepts that were being ignored, misunderstood or totally ignored in the personal development and technics ambit: the dream body and the dream field. The body and the dream field have the same common characteristic as their sphere and that is they are also our physical body and the spatial environment mirror and reflection where we move. The dream sphere and the body and field exclusive particularity it is not subject to physical time and space laws. This characteristic is what breaks with the limits we are subject in solid reality, that is, in the dream sphere everything is possible except materialization, exclusive to the first sphere. What we can deduce and take advantage of these almost infinite dreams possibilities is a whole reintegration we want and that, as a work focus, will then reflect on our life in all its aspects.

-Regarding its position, the eighth sphere shares the intermediary function: it is the spirit energetic part, that is, where the spirit fulfills its functions and displays its movement. The first intermediation is between spheres seven and nine, karmic and spirit, where the dream sphere acts as an interlocutor between the spirit and the light. This relationship is reflected in the information that is exchanged from the light to the spirit, which is transformed into dreams language in order to be encoded into spiritual communication system and vice versa, where spirit dreams are captured in the light in order to be transmitted to the rest of the spheres. In this way we are then able to combine dream perception with ordinary perception through the different types of basic dreams: awake (eyes open or closed), or asleep. This is the way through which we obtain information from our spirit and the spirits that live with us. If we are able to put all the senses and our mind at the service of the spirit, we can really see that there is no authentic reality and a false reality, but rather that they are same coin two sides and their nature is illusory when they are considered as a separate one from the other. The only authenticity possible is through both fusioned, physical and dreamlike, solid and intangible, manifested and unmanifested. It is through this coexistence where you can give rise to the crux that marks each being life essence, living your dream possibility, fulfilling your purposes in life, giving it the meaning that each one needs to be free to communicate through all personal spheres with the universe.

The dream sphere contains the secrets of possibilities that open only through dreaming act and can only be understood by bringing them to creativity. With this formula is how dreams can materialize, creating, capturing the inspiration from these visions in your hands work. Things never happen alone, it is necessary to intervene for changes to occur. This intervention can be through doing and not-doing, their combination is where the creations that we carry out daily happens. The art of dreaming consists of living with these two forces, generating a bridge to move freely between them as required, without remaining fixed or trapped in any of them. As soon as this balance occurs, resurfaces the being authenticity essence and we can perceive the essential authenticity of what surrounds us. With these conditions we can access to all spheres possibilities, at that moment is when we recover power totality, our authority totality, the possibility of being an author, a creator. That’s where the Magic begins.

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