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Being Spheres
Sphere X Being

In this sphere 10 we enter to work fully in and from the Being sphere that gives its name to the first 10 spheres group. It corresponds to sphere 33, the Nothingness sphere, with which it shares a numerical position in the relationship between the Being spheres (microcosm) and those Nothingness spheres (macrocosm). In this relationship we can see how the Being is, through that Nothing, the void that contains the other nine spheres that we have already seen that make it up. Thus, in this sphere we find same layers, another mirror-reflection system that we have already eliminated on other levels, the same as always. It is precisely this empty space nature that allows all its nine elements to resonate equally without its structure being a condition for them that disrupts them. We can then say that the nothingness sphere and the being sphere share the same hollow non-structure, that is filled with everything around it and allows all other spheres to resonate freely in its space. This resonance is like all the information echo that is emitted from the other spheres and is recorded in this matrix and subsequently spread in its entirety back to all of them. This is how the spheres interaction and reflections relationships with each other are explained. The whole makes up the being singularity and the latter returns the information collected to each part, complying with the whole in the parts and the parts in the whole universal law . That’s why we can have reflex registers of all the spheres in each one of them, the 10 in the 10.

Sphere reset level 10 being sphere

The path open to the space of the 33-Nothing sphere allows from there to connect with the 111 spheres global structure through that space that surrounds them and that they include within themselves. Space is the medium where total conductivity is transmitted, that is to say, it is the information transmitter and receiver environment of all information vehicles par excellence. The characteristics of its nature are Resonance-Echo, Registration-Replication and Diffusion-Transmission. It is in these three simple steps where the entire information tidal wave is included that is capable of including the Being Totality as well as the Universe Totality without capacity or storage limit .

As we have already seen, sphere 10 is where the implants come from, their nature and origin is the Nothing planet. Being their original medium is where we will find more of them and more of the black magic they use to parasitize us. This phase takes us straight to the parasites nest, the niche in which these vermin have been cowardly hiding for eons and violating their conflict system that hurts us so much. This is the moment where we are going to turn the tables, where we can fight them in the open field. Until now we have been waging a guerrilla war, resetting them as we found them. At this time, we can already generate implants massive sweeps in the network that keeps them attached to our global spherical structure. Once we get rid of all the implants we have, there is the possibility of feeling free from the conditioning to which we are subjected. Without this cleanliness, it is very difficult to deal with the situations that arise without having to make an effort not to fall into the repetitions caused by them, instead of an adequate response or adapted to the moment. The problem is, as always, that we are not aware of what this spherical clarity without parasites means, we have to discover the nature that lies beneath that load in order to transmit that knowledge from our own example. Abandon all darkness to reflect as much light as possible.

There are different spherical numerical and positional correlations that we have been describing in groups of three, six and nine, just as the I Ching does with trigrams and hexagrams. Line 10 would correspond to the non-line, that is to say, with the interspherical and extraspherical space. It does not correspond to any of the previous levels, but to all of them at the same time. What he does have is correspondence with his essential companion in the macrocosm that in turn also encloses from its space the Nothingness spheres, another group of 10. There are two other spheres that complete two groups of 10: the Flow spheres and Balance spheres, with which Being also shares a relationship. To be able to see the spheres reflection among themselves beyond what has been observed until now, we must take a more distanced perspective and thus observe the different spheres sets.

Sphere 10 is also the prelude to spheres 11-12-13, which correspond to 3 of the 6 spheres Destiny. Although we have already had access to these first ones, after opening our way with these new sequences, with this, we also opened the possibility of reaching all the spherical groups that were overlapped by the Being sphere space contamination. We are still located in the last Magic phase within the steps taken in the Sphere Reset practice. Magic has better results the less resistance or impediments there are in the way of its realization, which is why we find ourselves so contaminated and restricted, not being able to fluidly realize our dream and shine at our maximum potential. This is the reason why implants have been preventing us from having this expansion power, first to keep us in a reduced version, therefore parasitizable and because this intrinsic expansive form in us kills them with the light that shines from our Being. The Being sphere measures 4200 km in radius in everyone of us and in its perimeter gives us access to the 13 groups global structure that form the 108 spheres. The objective is to clean the entire global structure to expand in that void without obstacles. Magic will then be able to manifest itself without personal conditions and do its work with better results, therein lies the void power, in its maximum conductivity and unlimited expansion. Furthermore, in some of the spheres where total cleansing has been achieved, we now have the possibility of accessing the latent powers that were subjugated under all contamination. These powers are specific to each sphere and are the potential basis on which we should have been born naturally. At the same time, the liberated spherical space leaves us open the necessary expansion to be able to express ourselves in our essence without conditions, which in nature manifests itself as the greatest Love expansion. The clear path to share our power, to interact freely and feel. the life potential at its all levels best.

The Being sphere is part, together with others, of what is commonly understood as the Matrix. This matrix is made up by the Being spheres-10, the Power-28 sphere, the Nothingness-33 sphere, the Mirror-52 sphere, the Beams-78 sphere, the Unmanifested-91 sphere and the last sphere of all, the Information-Noise-108 sphere. If we observe this spherical relationship with the Being and Nothingness spheres ability to collect all the Information Echo, it is the same ability that all these spheres have in common. We have access to this matrix cleaning since we started sphere 1 and we have been changing it from sphere 4. Now, we can reach all its components and also work from it. Which, at this time, means that we can remove the problems to or from their very roots in ourselves and in others without having to go through the entire layer system that prevented us doing so directly. Another lines of action that opens up during this level in the work with the Matrix is to change the repetitive contamination register for favorable commands and help in the face of life’s difficulties and traffic jams. This translates into three things: problem solving, blockages origin recognition and a paradigm shift when dealing with them. The last open possibility that Sphere 10 offers us with the Matrix is to hide what makes us vulnerable to the attacks of other people by dissolving all our own contamination that resonated and attracted everything that could vibrate in it frequency. This liberation will only come when we have got rid of everything we fall into and stop identifying with the same conflicts over and over again.

Other work characteristics from sphere-10 are the ability to Harmonize and Balance the entire spherical structure. By accessing the entire structure and being able to clear all the space both inside and around the spheres, we can harmonize the internal and external movement on each one of them. This has a balancing effect on one’s natural spherical movement resulting in the power awakening that was previously restricted. Powers that were previously dormant can only be activated when the sphere that contains them is completely clean, without any residual contamination. They are ancient but new powers for us, they have been sleeping there forever and we need them to be able to expand the cleansings and activations in the immensity that opens from the Being sphere. These powers also include each sphere codes and records to which they belong and therefore the specific base connections to communicate the entire spherical system in its structure and its relationships.

In summary, if we observe all the characteristics that this work includes in sphere 10, the reading they offer us is the following: working on the contamination remains that stays in the Matrix leaves us the immensity open space and without resistance to be able to express the Magic effortless in Life-11; recover lost power and hidden forces in all spheres; harmonize and balance our system; have access to everything that is part of the Non-Manifested (70% of our structure); recover the ability to die, to dissolve everything that should never have been maintained in time; to fully connect with its contiguous sphere: Divinity-34; but above all and this is the most important thing: to be able to remember who you are, to completely recover the buried Essence-13 so that, from our Integral Spherical Structure, we can express ourselves in the greatest Existence-12 expansion: Love-29.

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