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Being Spheres
Sphere VI Quantum

The sixth sphere, corresponding to Quantum sphere in Being and with Love-29 sphere in Nothingness. Quantum is an adjective used in the physics field. The concept refers to what is linked to certain jumps in energy when emitting or absorbing radiation, which are known as “quanta”. Quantum physics, therefore, is linked to theories that are based on these properties. Quantum mechanics has traditionally been considered the theory of the microscopic world: the molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles physics. However, its applicability is believed to be universal. The cleanings in this sphere are intended for all the reflections that the quantum traces generate and that repeat the same problems in this format, triggering the accumulated repetition.

Sphere reset level 6 quantum sphere

The concept of love, with which it shares the sphere, is something that has been greatly misused and misunderstood, poorly taught and corrupted for a long time. The mere fact of wanting to define love is already a mistake in itself, since it is not something that can be explained in words and that, at the same time, can be converted and adapted to each situation. We can say that it is in constant movement, in eternal change, it is impermanent. Through another look, love is considered the greatest force in the universe, generating change capable, and so it is. Nowadays, quantum physics and love are seen as equal: for example, it is said that when a circumstantial and random collision occurs with another being, when an unexpected encounter becomes a love relationship, that transforms the lives of the two people involved, that moment is when we can say that love is like a quantum phenomenon. From Sphere Reset vision, being intrinsic to the quantum capacity and love being the universal force, the definition would be precisely the opposite: quantum physics is a phenomenon of love. Well, without the experience of love and existence through love, there can be no real and comprehensive change in life. This changing process or evolution in the being is in principle what is described in the Book of Mutations, the I Ching, which details the phases through which the energy passes, the “momentum” in which these steps are reflected. and the mutation possibilities towards which it subsequently tends. All of this is told in a way that is not absolute but referential, obviously, just as it happens in life in the universe, we are subject to change, we are surfing on the principle of impermanence, everything changes except change. Only by using this impermanence as an ally will we have the ability to inhabit the entirety of our spheres. Being without being, without staying or staying, if you feel that you need to attend to some part that has been disconnected from the whole. The reintegration of all parts of your being is the second global stage in the Sphere Reset practice. The first was the alignment between body, energy and mind, which was developed during the work in the first three spheres and which has put us on the spirit reconection path, of taking back the reins. This quantum sphere also represents another step within the general learning structure of Sphere Reset. With all the spherical parts available to connect with each other at the same time we enter the Power Recovery phase. A power of love, which is given from our own original position, the essential nature of each one expanded in all spheres. So, we observe with that infinite visions look of love, that love can change everything because precisely it is the only energy of all the spheres that is capable of being in the whole. Now we are prepared to, from our integral spherical position, exist in the experience of being ourselves in a total way, the most basic expression of love and the most powerful at the same time. The word exist comes from the Latin exsistere (to appear, emerge, be), composed of the prefix ex- (outwards) and the verb sistere (to take a position, to be fixed). Emerge, expand, be in everything, from our fixed physical base position, the center.

In the Quantum Sphere we begin the next evolution stage within the Sphere Reset practice: “the recovery of Power”, a stage that encompasses spheres 6 to 8. This phase is characterized by the powers recovery that as a species we have always been lethargic, dormant or inactive. After completing the beginning Detoxification and the Reconnection of the Spirit, through these new activations and the new conditions created for it, we will now be able to recover what was prevented since we were born. Just below all the layers and toxins that we have cleaned is found in each being the base contamination that initiated the repetition system and the blockages wheel that has been transmitted from the beginning, life after life. It is almost always a basic systemic conflict that our spirit always has been attached to and through the karma system we have impregnated in every body we have inhabited. In this sphere it will be the first thing we are going to reset and through this, the doors will be open for our powers to return without any difficulty. This power is both a result of progression in practice and the ability to remember and reconnect with each being’s own essential abilities. This depends on the spirit lost nature, that is, on those intrinsic faculties associated with each one on their original planet. With this, we are going to transmit the power to reset with more force, less effort and greater speed. This represents a great advance in our resets, both in ourselves and in others, greatly reducing the work and improvement time to which we are accustomed. We are going to experience even more clearly than until now the possibility of beginning to relate to life in a totally new way for human beings. The potential to take our lives reins, to be aware of our existence and give meaning to the dream of life. It is time to get out of the confusion in which we have been immersed forever, now is the moment in which we are our body and our spirit owners and the immense energy that arises from the fusion between the two. A dream come true, the reality of being able to realize our dreams and the possibility of helping many to make the same journey. The journey begins now.

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