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Being Spheres
Sphere 1 Body

“Everything happens in the Form, Through Form and Beyond Form.”

The first sphere is Physical Body-1, the vehicle where all levels of Being are united, the life materialization in all its possibilities. This sphere corresponds to the first line in the I-Ching trigrams, the terrestrial line relating to the concrete plane, the tangible. The body thus represents a Whole on a human scale, like a small Planet, just as it functions as an Ecosystem in itself, One-Verse, a reflected Unique-Version of the Universe Totality. From here just arose this phrase: “Everything happens in the Form…” which means that the manifestation of what is seen and what is not seen is materialized in the body, the visible or invisible movements we can only perceive them with the physical senses “…Through the Form” and the consciousness expands “…Beyond the Form” from the Mind as conductor and the Spirit as passenger of the vehicle of the body.

Sphere reset level 1 physical sphere

“The Tao begets the One,
the one begets the two,
the two begets the three,
the three begets the ten thousand beings.
The ten thousand beings harbor within them yin and yang,
whose vital energies collide to become harmonious unity.”

Tao Te King, Lao Tze (Chapter XLII)

The theory of Fractals “THE WHOLE IN THE PARTS AND THE PARTS IN THE WHOLE” states that although each level is unique, in itself it encloses all the levels in scale again, so that in the body we will see reflected all the disorders and at the same time all of each spheres potentialities. The body is our working tool and also all the cleansings focus attention in this material plane, the oneness, the sum of everything.

In this way we see all the spheres reflected in many different body parts as for example: the Emotional sphere-2 in the movement of the energy channels described by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, or in somatization; the mind-3 origin in the brain; the systemic-4 in each physical system functioning (nervous, digestive, cardiorespiratory, genitourinary, etc); the electromagnetic-5 in the neuronal transmission and reception or in the hair as an electromagnetic projector; the quantum plane-6 in the reproductive-sexual system closely linked to love; the karmic cause-effect law-7 in the endocrine system; the oneiric capacity-8 in the limbic system; the spirit-9 representation in the look, smell or perception; and another example is how the sphere of Being-10 is expressed in all the body empty spaces.

In this first sphere begins the Detoxification phase in the Sphere Reset practice that continue until the end of the practice in the whole body cleansing. This is the body elimination of all pathogens (fungus, viruses, bacteria and parasites) that are behind most of the pathologies we suffer from. In addition, cleansing includes the heavy metals, fluoride, microplastics, pesticides, acetone, cortisol and all the external or internal toxins elimination that we accumulate and the body alone has no way of purging.

The first objective towards which Sphere Reset is directed is the Body, Heart and Mind alignment, the consequence between Doing, Feeling and Thinking. This centering is what the technique relies on in order to move into the evolution next stages: Spirit Reconnection, Power Recovery and Magic. The Body is the Vehicle in which we make the life journey, it is necessary to recover its integral cleansing to awaken the dormant potentiality and the strength that has been diminished by all that we have been dragging. Freeing ourselves from all this ballast is the best gift we can give ourselves and others so that no conditioning continues to repeat itself and we can live free without suffering, pain or disease.

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