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Being Spheres
Sphere III Mind

The third sphere is Mind-3 in the Being spheres. The problems we are going to face in this sphere are based on the attention identification with thought. When we put the mind in a fixed way in the mental explanation, a conflict arises between ideas and the world we perceive. The cleansing that Sphere Reset does in this sphere resets Traumas, Phobias, Psychological Defenses, Blocking Thoughts, Weakening Beliefs, any mental movement that corrupts the Mind Nature in its free, creative movement, prejudices devoided or that compromises each one maximum potential. It is very necessary in addition to disindentificate the attention from thought, to break with the self-sabotage generated from living with external programming imported into all areas of our mind. From the constant identification with these mental loops is where the Stockholm Syndrome is born in which we live by helping everything that kidnaps our true mental freedom.

Sphere reset level 3 mind sphere

In this sphere we enter into the work from the third line of the trigram of the I-Ching, the celestial level and towards its reintegration into the Whole. The practice will once again be intricate in the three levels EARTH, NATURE AND HEAVEN, but this time from the higher level, Heaven, where we will work and go deeper. This level covers many work and correlations areas such as the ideas, dreams and spirit world, the information we accumulate about ourselves and what surrounds us. It is about clearing the mind path to advance more and more towards the knots liberation that tie us to this stuck “reality”. Open space in our capacity to perceive life as it is, from our essence, from unintoxicated nature, from an uncontaminated vision. Allowing our senses to open much more through an unexplored terrain that is already glimpsed between the gaps left by the blockages. Step by step, leaving nothing to reset, this is the way that will lead us to generate the conditions and the potential with which we should have been born, the ideal situation that can keep us in connection with the infinite, with the eternal.

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