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Being Spheres
Sphere IV Systemic

In Sphere 4, Systemic, there are many different natural systems types to which we belong and other artificial ones created to override us. The cleansings in both cases are sequenced to be able to decontaminate those systems that are intoxicated and reset the imposed implanted structures that program us to fall into eternal repetition. In the global sense there are 11 different main systems that influence us and that we can work on cleaning; each of the systems in which we are going to work in this level corresponds to one of the first 11 spheres, as we see, the spheres structure corresponds in each level with a categorization of its own nature and essence.

Sphere reset level 4 systemic sphere

1. Human Species-Material Sphere

2. Physical Family-Energetic Sphere

3. Cultural-Mental Sphere

4. Humanity-Systemic Sphere

5. Planet Earth System-Electromagnetic Sphere

6. Reality (Created System)-Quantum Sphere

7. Karmic System-Light Sphere

8. Oniric System-Oneiric Sphere

9. Spiritual Family-Spiritual Sphere

10. Universal Family-Matrix Sphere

11. Global System-Total Sphere

The first system to which we belong is the Species: homo sapiens sapiens, a mammalian hominid animal species that since prehistoric times has accumulated a physical baggage that we all carry in our material body, even before. According to the tests, the dating would lead us to ancient civilizations of which no record is shown.

The second system through which life is imbued in us is the physical Family in which we are born. There is the false idea that “we have chosen to be born there for some transcendental reason”, there are many religious or spiritual theories that speak of this. It is a false transcendence, it is the energetic parasites that are in charge of making you fall into a dysfunctional family structure that potentially matches all the blockages and wounds you carry from other lives. The more attention you give to the problems, the more you get hooked and the less possibility to get rid of them. The solution is to reset them in order to choose another path and end once and for all with of all the problem repetitions and unresolved conflicts coming from our family ancestors inherited generation after generation.

The mental sphere in the systemic is the Culture, the nice way to call the specific conditioning of each country, region or place. Far from being an artistic transmission or a way of coexisting and adapting to the environment, it has become a diversity and individuality alienation and annulment instrument. A large part of the systems of thought are conditioned by this manipulated sphere.

Humanity, one only has to look at any chapter of history to see that has been repeating the same conflicts and injustices for millennia. The systematization of conflict and corrupt power as a way of codifying life is a product of the implants, this is how they make sure they keep the livestock with the blocked energy they need to be able to feed through us. It is also how they make sure that we are devoid of any form of rebellion and evolution that can unmask their game and leave them without the spoils. This robbery, the energy theft in any format is what translates human relations at the ordinary level. You have to make a tremendous effort not to fall in there and not to be devoured by the rest of the “fallen ones”.

The systemic environment in which life manifests itself is the Earth as a planet. As a living being it registers, as we do, all kinds of blockages, pollution and parasites that condition the life of all its inhabitants.

As a consequence of the previous systems, Reality is constructed, which corresponds to the quantum footprint projected by the first 5 systems as a whole. When we are not capable of being the true architects of our reality, it is given to us by inertia and drags us in a programmed movement that sabotages any personal purpose and in which people identify themselves without knowing if they are really living their life.

Karma is the law of cause-effect, this should not be a problem. But as we have already seen, it has always been used to make us fall infinite times in the same mistakes, obstacles, calamities, resistances, problems, deaths, problems, pains, sufferings…etc. In dreams, is represented our life second performance theater. It should not have to be the second show of our movie, in fact it is a different one, but ordinarily it is. This makes that we do not know what is the nature of our oniric existence and that we know little of its operation. As a system it is an spirit form of expression and as we have said this Oniric system is not separated from the hard reality, moreover it has its own characteristics that we will see later. As far as the systemic aspect is concerned, it has the imprint of the relationship between the spirit and the 7 previous levels, which usually generates many asynchronies, lack of coordination, conflicts and ruptures.

Another family is the spiritual family, the system from which you come, your spirit original planet. As in the previous cases, the history that each one drags is very different and the work is not to solve it but to undo it. We have reached the point of identifying ourselves with what has happened to us that what we really are is hidden under the Stockholm syndrome that traps us. We no longer even remember our essence, the root of our spirit, we vaguely intuit it. If our spheres remember everything that is attached to them and all the information that keeps us in a loop is replicated underneath, it means that behind this pollution there is the possibility of remembering who we really are. If we are able to clean all the layers that cover and mask us, our natural essence will emerge and will be accessible to our life.

Finally we would have the Universal Family that would be composed by the different inhabitants from the different planets. These relationships although we have not lived them today consciously, we have the memory of how they were and especially during all these conflict periods between species generated eons ago and that here we have no record.

As we have seen with the spherical movements, some lead to others and form larger spheres when they combine with each other. This is how the Global System arises, which would be the sum of all 10 systems, which also generates records and patterns that are returned to it as a mirror image. This mirror is a loops repetition generator where it will also be very necessary to reset in order to free ourselves from these asphyxiating whirlpools. In the previous spheres it’s worked, activating the cleansing and detoxification in the first three levels: physical, energetic and mental. The work will continue to impact on these previous levels, everything is intricate and decontamination will continue to occur. In this fourth sphere, the next phase of Sphere Reset begins: the Spirit Reconnection.

The answers to these questions everyone asks: Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my purpose in life? It is crucial to get rid of all the external junk piled on top of the only thing that can answer these questions: your spirit. As we open up, we glimpse the space needed for our spirit to expand and see the greatness of who we are. It is only through these eyes that we can let go of the vision of calamity that haunts us and does not honor the true power that lies behind these debris curtains. Reconnecting with your spirit entails not only resetting the dirt that prevents it, but activating that which has been dormant for a very long time and needs to be put back to work.

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