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Being Spheres
Sphere IX Spirit

In the Spirit sphere in the Being corresponding to the Magic-32 sphere in the Nothing Spheres. The Spirit has, from its origin, Being Essence memory (sphere 13; Essence-Source-36), each one Own Nature, what one is from its fundamental base. This Essence is connected to your spirit’s birth planet of origin, where it has its roots and began its Existence (sphere 12; Existence-Eternity-35). It also collects the memory of all the Lives (sphere 11 Life-Divinity-34) through which it has passed. In turn, the spirit is interconnected with the 10th sphere (sphere 10; Being-Nothing-33) with which through its emptiness the spirit can expand beyond the first spheres and project itself into the higher spheres. For this reason, sphere 9 is a focus of accumulation of any mistake, blockage, violation or attack that has occurred in any of these ten spheres that act as a bridge (9,10,11,12,13, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36), including all stagnant contamination from the previous eight spheres. This is where the work of resetting this level begins, in everything reflected in sphere 9 from previous spheres cleansing and in the cleaning of what was projected by the spirit in the subsequent spheres.

Sphere reset level 9 spirit sphere

To begin we will need to make clear the bases of the spirit that are universal and shared by all:

What is the spirit? The spirit is the light axis on which all first spheres sit, from 1 to 13.

Where does it come from? This light comes from the Source (sphere 36) from which we all come. The Source does not have a specific location but is the origin of all the light that exists.

Its duties? The spirit has several functions:

1st) it contains within itself all unique information in each being;

2nd) it serves as a guide for essence transmission (sphere 13) to be able to imprint our mark in an original way;

3rd) it helps us as a dreamer to communicate with the dream that dreams of us and that needs to be dreamed by us.

What are its main characteristics? The specific characteristics of the spirit are three:

1st) is the dreamer who knows dream language, therefore he is a dream transmitter and receiver;

2nd) it is in charge of assisting us in life so as not to lose the path that we set for ourselves within our dream;

3rd) the spirit alert is the clock alarm that keeps us conscious within different types of dreams so as not to fall into lethargy and be carried away by repetitions inertia.

What are the different parts that make it up? The spirit consists of six different parts:

1st) the light that composes it;

2nd) the two ends in the shape of a spindle or needle that serve as a body anchor;

3rd) the spirit body between the two extremes where expansion capacity is located in spheres 3,6,9 and 13;

4th) the spirit core where each being essence is condensed;

5th) the spirit contour that serves as a communication field with other spirits;

6th) the spirit nature that is constituted by all parts together union, which defines each being uniqueness and characteristic.

How does spirit communicate? Spirit communicates through dream visions (sphere 8) that in the light form (sphere 30) imprint the quantum field (sphere 6) to jump from there to the mind (sphere 3).

What are the connections you have? The main connections within the spherical field are from your own 9th sphere, directly with the spheres 13, 6, 3 and with the 10 that provides you with the freedom of space to expand your light.

Where is it projected? Spirit´s light is projected from the dream (sphere 8) as a starting point towards 111 spheres set in which it needs to expand to transmit its messages.

How to live and work through the spirit? The way it works and the way we can take advantage of it to be able to live through it, live our dream and expand it to the maximum in our life and being all areas.

How is your direct relationship with the 13-essence and 36-source spheres? Direct relationship that exists between spheres 9 (spirit) and 13 (essence) occurs through sphere 10, as with spheres 11 (life) and 12 (existence). Sphere 10´s infinite space is the framework where these four spheres merge, giving rise to this particular relationship that allows, once the spherical space is completely cleaned, access to ten Flow spheres that are beyond sphere 13: sphere 14 (totality); sphere 15 (infinity); sphere 16 (communion); sphere 17 (structure); sphere 18 (fullness); sphere 19 (relativity); sphere 20 (dissolution); sphere 21 (change); sphere 22 (impermanence); and sphere 23 (flow). These 10 spheres prints everything lived reflection by the spirit throughout its existence through each being intrinsic essential information. All the contamination that we have been dissolving throughout the practice up to now has been reflected in them and they need to be restored to be able to move with the freedom spirit dream requires to be able to be carried out without conditioning.

How to recognize your own spirit? In order to fully develop this task, it is first necessary to recognize oneself in the spirit, that is, to abandon false mind ephemeral identifications and false beliefs of what we are not: this confusion occurs due to the anchoring of our attention in all spheres or in a few, instead of observing the complete set. The global spherical structure observation is what gives us the spirit vision, starting from its own origin to the position in which we find ourselves at this moment. Without this attention relocation, the perception of what we are is a drift that, even if we have reset all the repetition systems, we will continue to remain trapped in partial visions of our being and therefore in the limited version of ourselves.

How to discover the magic through it? From the moment we reposition ourselves in the spirit as the Being center, magic possibilities become evident in our lives, this is the only way we can develop it, create through it without limitations and effortlessly generate a life according to your dreams.

How to unlock your own hidden power in your spirit? Through magic there is the possibility of unlocking the true power hidden inside each one spirit, a different power in all beings in essence and common to all of them in their existence. Some of us have glimpsed some trace of that hidden power, since it is not a skill to develop but your own latent essence that cries out to be expressed. The non-expression of our intrinsic nature is what makes us stagnate in life and get sick, because it is the natural way through which we can be ourselves, our basic need and the requirement that the universe demands of you. That is the power that we share with life, it is not something that submits us or through what we submit to anything or anyone, it is your strength expressed in all its magnitude.

How is his divine nature explained? The origin of the spirit has a direct relationship with sphere 34, Divinity sphere, because before traveling in the body, its nature has the same light composition as the guides. Unlike how we have been told in religions, we do not come from a creator God, but from a source in which all this infinite components fabric that weaves itself and all beings that inhabit it are found. According to the different existence changing needs, the source unfolds into parts that make up unique versions of itself in accordance with what the balance of the Wholeness demands. Those self-created parts are the spirits, we are self-created and that is where our responsibility, capacity and mission lies: in recreating ourselves in our self-creation, in the dream vision that spirit reflects on the global dream in which the Source dreams us. We dream a dream that is dreaming us. The spirit Divine connection with this spiral of self-created dream lies in the nature spirit Light, it is not a physical light like in sphere 30th, but a Divine Light, that is, the Source is the Heart from where all Beings were born and by detaching themselves as part of it they acquire this Sacred characteristic, which is why life is something sacred in any of its forms or expressions.

What is the spirit’s ability to maintain connection with sphere 23 (Flow) and how does it give meaning to Being? This relationship is the most sacred link that exists between all spheres, the Being-Nothing-10/33 connection with the eternal Flow-Balance-23/46 occurs through Spirit-Magic-9/32 spheres. As we have already talked about, how the only authenticity arises from being ourselves, that sameness is the information that is embodied in our Essence-Source-13/36 and that constitutes the base fuel of our Dreams-Possibilities-8/31 that the Dreamer -Spirit-Magician reproduces to be able to flow in Life-Divinity-11/34 and be part of Existence-Eternity-12/35. This connections combination is how this relationship is described and from it or the lack of it derives the fluidity or not in life. In order to find the meaning of our life and our Being, there can be no spheres separation at all, there can be no interference in this delicate balance, since a small stone in its path can divert Dream trajectory. Recreation in ourselves is what we are looking for, life self-celebration in our life is what is important, living it in a unique way as only we know is sacred, this is what makes us flow, being in our shoes. There are not two feet equal, therefore two beings cannot exist simultaneously in space-time doing the same thing or living the same life because they would collapse when their movements coincide. This is the format that the system we live in has created, a system that repeats the model in all its components and replicates the clash between them over and over again so that it is not possible to get out of this fair of dazed lunatics under the guidelines of The normality.

Sphere 9 corresponds to Magic-32 in the Nothingness spheres that completes the tandem with the Spirit in the Being, who, as we call him the Dreamer in relation to the dream sphere, in this synergy we can call him the Magician. We can also name this Magic sphere as the Creativity sphere that is closely related to Magic and Spirit. Magic is considered as everything that happens and there is no logical explanation for it. This is because so many factors intervene at the same time that it is practically impossible to name so many variables that could have occurred in that “magical” moment. Most of the time they are attributed to chance, but due to the multiple causes that intervene in their realization, we are going to call it “causality”. It is not about trying to put the inexplicable into words, but rather about seeing what the phases and requirements are like so that we can enter this Magic consciously and effectively.

In this phase of Sphere Reset learning and practicing, we handle 770 healing sequences, activations, protections, spells, etc. with which we are able to influence a set of innumerable factors each time we reset. We have been doing this invisible intervention with which we obtain inexplicable results since the first level 13 sequences, which explains without explanation that we have been doing magic since we began this journey with Sphere Reset. We already saw that the Detoxification (opening spherical space), Reconnection with Spirit (alignment), Power Recovery (discovering our potential) and Magic (creating our dream) phases do not occur in a linear sequence ordered in which one begins in one and ends in the next, they are simultaneous. Although they become possible to a greater extent with that order as we advance. We can see this process in how the spherical space opening is the condition that the spirit needs to relocate itself in the entire being structure so as not to have any external or internal conditioning factors that prevent it from expressing itself in its entirety. That is where the alignment with the spirit arises that allows us to discover the power that we had hidden or diminished and, in the sum of those favorable conditions, to be aware of the dream in which we live and that magically lives us. In other words, the accumulated cleaning gives us back the freedom to be able to choose what we want without inertia or resistance; the alignment with the spirit is essential as well as the self-recognition of our essence-nature to operate from there; the use that this space and this reconnection gives us back the power to our hands to expand and share ourselves from there. All of the above leads us to be the creators, dream authors that this life gives us. To the extent that we stop identifying ourselves with our being partial features and we detach the attention assemblage point from the dragged obstacles, we align ourselves in the global spherical expansion as movement and in our Being total structure as a frame of action, we become aware of our capacity and stop limiting ourselves with the sticks in the wheel that have always held us back, we are capable of recovering authority, the possibility of being authors, actors, directors and witnesses of our dream. Without the deconditioning, the deconcentration, together with the total openness, all our capacities use, and the dream and the dreamer self-recognition, the magic does not fully occur and its impact has a limited effect. Now is the moment in which we are going to be able to create the favorable conditions that we need, so that freedom can be given in a real way, the spirit can be recreated in its maximum expression, our power can be shared without limits and that magic makes our dreams come true. This is the structure that we have been recovering all this practice time, it is up to us to take care of it, promote it and celebrate it freely, with respect, responsibility, love and, in accordance with the nature that shines in all of us: never stop shining.

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